Something Liquid this way comes...


Grinding and stirring and starting the mash,

Starch into wort as time starts to pass.

This liquids quite sweet, for that we shall do

Add one pound of hops. Better yet, make it two!

Boil and toil, the smell of hop oil

Grown men to their knees, like aluminum foil.

Chill this thrill, put up the malt mill

This liquid will test the strength of one's will.

Though the labor of man may make wort a plenty,

the true work is done by the small and the many.

American, French, Belgian, German, or English,

For there's nothing to drink until their work is finished.



Seven syllables, five syllables, three syllables, one. Just naming these beers is my kind of fun.

One week, two weeks, three weeks, or four?

When, you might ask, will you open the doors

The doors, you might add, to this tasting room, fine? So we can partake of this liquid divine!

Soon, I would say, by the end of the month...

But rushing the yeast is not something we want!



Our AC's been beefed up, yes we've turned up the power, so sit down with a pint or walk out with a growler!

Ale, porter, stout, lager, or shandy?

What Day of the week? That'd come in quite handy!

Though our target date was way back in May,

We'll just have to settle for this Saturday!

Come Join us on Saturday from 12:00-18:00 or hop on the Tallahassee Brew Bus Craft Crawl and drop by on Friday night!