Out with the old... In with the BREW!!!

When the dust settles... 

When the dust settles... 

A quick look back at 2015...

It's been quite the year. As we begin the next chapter in this saga, I wanted to take a minute and look back on how far we've come.

Over the last 12 months DEEP Brewing Company has grown from the seed of an idea pondered during long walks on the sea floor (literally), to nearing tangible reality...

Beyond the awards and accolades, the research and planning, the networking and drinking of decadently delicious suds... here are a few big revelations...

1.) After nearly a year of failed deals, stalled negotiations, and dealing with greedy landlords... DEEP Brewing Company officially has a place to call home. As of October 26th we have planted that seed to spawn DEEP Brewing's base of operations on the North East side of Tallahassee. Though we're not quite ready to disclose the exact address, we can tell you that it is outside of the Circle, but remains south of I10. I find it hard to keep a secret in person, so if you see me around town just ask.

2.) As part of the previous earth shattering news, we have started the process of meandering our way through the city's permitting process and are on our first round of revisions (they apparently start charging us after two). Everything seems to be going swimmingly, although slower than one might hope (I was a sprinter, not a distance swimmer).

Since I have a knack for biting off more than I can chew, I've decided to act as our architect and purchased a copy of autocad lite for much less than the cost of a professional. Only time will tell if we can keep the number of revisions within reason!

3.) Many who follow the progress of other breweries (both local and otherwise) know the often-told story of equipment delays that plague brewery openings and push back the revelation of golden suds... Well, about five months ago when negotiations were looking good on a previous location, we went ahead and placed the deposit on our equipment to get the ball rolling on a three month lead time.

Now two months after the promised delivery date... The tanks have arrived! Though we are still awaiting the arrival of our control system and a few other accouterments, the bulk of our brew house and cellar have landed inside city limits. Now we just have to keep the dust off of them while we build out the facility!

Into the bowels of the ship... 

Into the bowels of the ship... 

Looking ahead to 2016

While we've been a bit coy with information regarding our plans up to this point, we most definitely plan on changing that as we role out the new calendar. Here's a teaser on some of our lofty goals for 2016.

Deep Brewing Co's New Year's Resolutions

1.) Keep you up-to-date on everything that's going on as we bring this dream into reality.

2.) Bring the dream to reality!

3.) Allow glorious suds of all colors, flavors, and styles to cascade down from the brilliantly polished stainless steel taps hand mounted in the tasting room of our own design. Let's call it the "intimate" 35 seat wheelhouse,  from which we'll pilot this brewery through seas we've yet to explore.

4.) Quit dreaming and realize that the thirst for our depth-inspired concoctions is nearly insatiable... Brew more and more beer!

5.) Here's the ambitious one... Become the pride of Tallahassee's budding brewery culture and with the help of others, put Tallahassee firmly on the map as a craft beer destination!

6.) Try not to be so busy that we can't go get a dive or ten in this year!

That's all for now!

Into the darkness... 

Into the darkness... 

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Cheers to a New Year in great local beer!
- Ryan S. LaPete
DEEP Brewing Co. Tallahassee